About Me


My Name is Erika Wiegmann

This is my background:

* Studies: German, Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy and Dutch at the
the Universities of Münster and Osnabrück, Germany (diploma 1989)
* Semester abroad: German and Philosophy at the University of Hull, England (1985/86)
* Doctoraaldiploma Duitse taal- en letterkunde (MA), University of Leiden (1992)
* Teaching qualification for German in secondary education in the Netherlands, HMN Utrecht (1993)
* 30 years of teaching German as a foreign language and as mother tongue at ISH
(International School of The Hague 1990-2020)
* 2018-2021 Training as Davis® facilitator, licence (2021)

My Story

In my work as a teacher in secondary education, students with dyslexia had limited special arrangements, however they had to continue coping and learning with their dyslexia. During a training day I learned about the Davis® method, which was a very different approach, and I was immediately fascinated. This is a method that helps people eliminate their problems! My interest, my doubts, my fascination, and my curiosity were piqued; enough reasons to read Ronald D. Davis' books and then to start the training as Davis facilitator.

So, now I am a certified Davis® facilitator and enthusiastically help people of all ages with these problems. As a facilitator, I benefit from the many years of experience working with young people in school and from my knowledge as a language teacher. It is wonderful to see how each client makes great progress, regains confidence in their own abilities and thus self-confidence.

The Dutch name 'denkwonder' stands for the fascination and respect for all the difficulties people can develop because they have the special gift of picture thinking. At the same time, it is admiration for the possibilities of this gift to solve precisely these problems.

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