Little Gems

Little gems are special things that I experience during my work and that I would like to share

"I don't understand why they don't do this in school! This is so much clearer!" 

(Client, 17 years)

"You are a real teacher." 
"Why? You only know me as a Davis coach."
"Just because. Someone you'd like to have as a mentor."

(Client, 17 years)

"How can my thinking be so different?" 
"Have you ever been to winter sports?" 
"Yes, I have" 
"Did you see people with snowshoes there?" 
"What are these?" 
We looked up what snowshoes look like and saw that you can walk in deep, loose snow with them. 
"Imagine that everyone is born with invisible snowshoes. They look a little different on everyone, just like our fingerprints. In some, the pattern of the snowshoes is almost or even completely closed. Then they actually look more like skis. Can you imagine that?"
"Yes, I can"
"These shoes are supposed to represent our thinking. Imagine that you have these shoes that look more like skis, and you go hiking with the whole class. First there is a meadow, and everything is flat. Everything goes well. Then it goes up a hill and you have to make quite an effort because the snowshoes are so slippery. But it gets even steeper, and now these slippery snowshoes are sliding off with you. You slip, slide backwards, hit a tree, don't see a bump in time because everything is going so fast. It's really bad and you're just recovering down there and have a headache when you hear the teacher calling from above: Where are you again? Everyone is up here but you. You did your best and yet you've ended up in a completely different place and you're feeling miserable too. It just happened to you."
"Hm - So if I learn to ski, then ..."

(Client, 12 years)

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