I went to Erika to improve my spelling. In the beginning, we used plasticine clay to make pictures with words, so that I could better remember the letters that went with them. Later, I learned to think of a picture to go with a word, without making it with clay. It helped me to learn the spelling of a word quickly. The Davis training was very relaxed and did not feel like work. In the months after the Davis training, I practiced a lot of words with my mother. I still benefit from this because I can learn words quickly. This way, I can learn easier for my tests.

Thijs, counselling group 8 (Dutch system)

Parents of Thijs

The Davis Counselling helped our son to cope with dyslexia. Erika helped him to let go of his old way of thinking. She taught him to memorize the correct spelling in a more visual way.

Erika did this in a calm and friendly way. Our son felt completely at home with her. She is great with children and lets them be themselves. She explains things calmly and builds up slowly. If he didn't understand something, she just explained it again.

For Thijs the Davis counselling is a fun way of learning because it includes a lot of attributes. Erika works a lot with plasticine clay, so that he could get a complete picture of the words.
By letting Thijs make the words with plasticine clay, he got a better idea of their meaning. By having him spell words forwards and backwards, he remembered them better. The 'magic wall' on which he learned to write the correctly spelled words in his mind also helped.

Thijs had a great time with Erika and learned a lot. After the meeting Thijs worked for a long time on the 'magic wall' and made words with this clay and sent the photographs to Erika. She supported him very well even then.

The best result for us is that he has now passed the first year of secondary school without any major language problems.

Thijs’ parents (Dutch)

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